TimeTec Collaborates with Sichuan Ujiaku to Bring Virtual Reality into Real Estate
TimeTec Cloud CEO, Mr Teh Hon Seng makes a global strategic collaboration with Ujiaku
On 26 April 2018, TimeTec Cloud Sdn. Bhd. has established a collaborative partnership with Sichuan Ujiaku Information Technology Ltd. China, to be the sole distributor of Ujiaku 3D Interior Design Software together with its services, Virtual Exhibition Hall and Digital Show House in the global market. This product incorporates virtual reality into real estate purchases, enabling property buyers to see the real house complete with interior design to make decision process a breeze.

To date, the company has spent tens of millions dollars to develop the library of "3D cloud design software", complete with 3D roaming solution in dozens of minutes. This innovation has bid farewell to CAD/3DMAX, and modified the real-time roaming in real time, producing the perfect solution to long design cycle, difficult communication, incomprehensible customers and inefficiency that led to valuable time and monetary lost. Additionally, the offering of Panoramic VR showcase, WYSIWYG, makes customers come to a decision a little bit easier. This 3D cloud design software by Ujiaku can achieve one-click budget, one-click construction drawings to meet the individual needs of the home buyers and owners.

Besides, Ujiaku has created a VR experience store model which perfectly links owners, designers and material suppliers under one system that could be beneficial to all parties. That said, owners can actually purchase what they see in the VR and make their dream home a reality. Based on the off-screen 3D real-time rendering engine and GPU virtualization technology, the Optima library design system combines cloud computing, big data, neural network, multi-field coupling and other PaaS and IaaS platforms for decorative design, product display, and online into one and it incorporates Apps such as shopping using “what you see is what you get” scenario experience service.
Using this system, the decorator can input the house plan (2D plan) for the system to instantly render it into a 3D graphic. Hence, on this basis, the designer will only need to use the physical model loaded in the system and simply drag the mouse. Each room space solution and soft-fit design can be completed, and the system will instantly display realistic and realistic visual effects for potential customers viewing pleasure. Whenever a modification is made, the designer can make any adjustments to the design according to the requirements of the customer, and the system will immediately present the modified real effect to the delight of the customer.

Ujiaku 3D Interior Design Software is taking property buying experience to another level that will advantage the property buyers and sellers alike. With other amazing features such as furniture and home decoration shopping and Virtual Exhibition Hall for furniture store business owner, Ujiaku is the brand to look for by developers and exhibitors.

TimeTec Cloud Sdn. Bhd. will undertake the global sales and marketing of Ujiaku products an

d services and more details of the products and services will be available soon at the links below.

Website: www.ujiaku.com
Global Website: ujiaku.i-neighbour.com
Mr Teh Hon Seng (right) with Mr Yang, a key Researcher from Ujiaku