Property Developer
Benefit 1: Greatly reduces the cost of physical show houses.
Previously, several show houses need to be built; now, only one set of physical show houses, plus multiple sets of digital show houses, needs to be built.

Benefit 2: Satisfies different customers.
Digital show rooms of different styles and tiers can be customized from a single layout. This greatly satisfies the requirements of different customers.

Benefit 3: Convenient
Experiencing a physical show house is rather inconveniet; moreover physical show houses cannot allow too many people to tour and experience at the same time. But digital show houses allow one-to-one explanation and experience.

Benefit 4: Ease of extending communication
Digital show houses can be communicated via computers, mobile phones and other devices. Customers can interact remotely even if they are not there in person. This greatly expands marketing scenario.

Benefit 5: Real-time interaction
If customers want to change materials or furniture, this can be easily realized in digital show houses.
1. Real-time Walkthrough: Customers can walkthrough their future home in real-time, avoiding the problem of not understanding CAD, of renderings being only able to display a part, and other problems.
2. Higher efficiency: Real-time communication is more efficient. Communicate on the spot, modify and enhance on the spot. Resolve on the spot.
3. Multi-person interaction: Interact together as one family, which is more direct and clear.
4. High fidelity: Up to more than 99% fidelity; customers can have a feel of their future home.