Project Reference
The JXPALACE (安岳锦玺公馆) Landscape View
A detailed landscape layout plan is given by property developer on the basis of project development, the Ujiaku’s team successfully completed the 3D video walkthrough project in 30-35 working days.

One floor plan Overhead floor plan
The JXPALACE (锦玺公馆)
Type A2
Project Name : The JXPALACE (锦玺公馆)
Size : 306㎡
House Type : 5 Hall 4 Bedroom 4 Bathroom 1 Kitchen
Theme : European style
Symmetrical design techniques of architectural space reserved the traditional European aesthetic. The European classical interior design had been imperishable dating back to ancient times. Balancing out the details defined its style in the most exquisite manner. With classical European home décor formed with solid wood materials, decorative pillars, fireplace and mirror surface design, use of natural materials like marble or stone for the floor, and styled with arabesque wallpaper. Interior layout exploited distinctive symmetrical approaches, adopted three main colours – white, yellow, and gold. Walls inlaid with teak wood or leather, painted in gold or sketched with elegant patterns. Magnificent vaulted gypsum ceilings made alliance with ornamental plastering crafts or accentuated by allegory of vanity oil painting. All elements came together to define a varied yet cohesive character within this stylish space.
Type A3
Project Name : The JXPALACE (锦玺公馆)
Size : 179㎡
House Type : 2 Hall 4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1 Kitchen
Theme : Neoclassicism Design
Strike with a deliberate imitation of ancient art, from style to theme. Reflected an in-depth and thorough understanding of what imitation genuinely is. The style characterized by susceptive thematic materials; laid emphasis on its resilient and its wholeness; dramatized on its rationality whilst neglected its sensibility; dwelt on literary sketch but overlooked its embellishment.
Type D1
Project Name : The JXPALACE (锦玺公馆)
Size : 167㎡
House Type : 2 Hall 4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1 Kitchen
Theme : Modern Minimalist Design
Modern style, embedded with capacious open interior, transparent both inside and the outside. Spatial graphic design pursues free-spirit field for creativity. It is a quest for plain, authentic texture and fine craftsmanship design, from interior walls, floors, ceilings, furniture to lamps and utensils. Encompassed the simple nature of the contemporary art-inspired modern minimalist style.
Tianyi Garden (天亿花园)
Size : 127㎡
House Type : 2 Hall 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1 Kitchen
Theme : Modern
This interior design focused on performance and dismissed the overuse of fashionable accessories. Building and interior components featured standard attributes, installed with modular design system that fixed for doors and windows sizes. Furnished with common industrial products, equipped with home furniture and daily essentials, even with glass metal, that reinforced the linearity design concept.
Star of Tianyi (天逸之星)
Size : 93㎡
House Type : 2 Hall 2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 1 Kitchen
Theme : Nordic Style
The Nordic Style construed a scientific unification of human and nature, society and the environment. Lured by the concept of green design, environmental and sustainable practices. Arrayed the traditional craftmanship and native materials with immense reverence and predilection. Spoke of a velvety harmonious ritual by unveiling rich sentimentality. Its home style irresistibly emulated through the design of the furniture. Functionality, simplification, conciseness, and lucid neutral colours became the resonation across the room, achieved an elegant finishing touch.
Villa Video:Provide high-end consumers with digital home systems. Enable high-end consumers to participate in shaping their own ideal abode, including indoor and outdoor design, home furniture, and soft decoration.
e-Brochure Video:Provide real estate developers an e-Brochure to display on sales offices’ panel screen and social media channels during sales process, to boost property sales efficiency.
Night View
Night View Video:This is a complementary item added to the e-Brochure. Some China real-estate developers, in particular those who develop commercial (non-residential) properties may sometimes require night sceneries to be devoted as the advertising and publicity of the retail shops.
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